Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Thankgoodness for working from home...

I am not sure I'd have gone to an away from home job this morning! I look abused.
Yesterday, the kids had friends over and in a terribly klutzy attempt to restore order I ended up smashing my nose into my sons toy chest. Amazingly it all began with popcorn!

It was a terrifically hysterical sight I'm sure, until the gushing of blood & the fear that I had broken my nose...gross! The whole episode began with the Princess trying to eat popcorn in the boys bed. So screaming & yelling ensued. I intervened and began lifting the princess off of the top bunk. I stepped back to set her on the floor & ended up stepping on one of the visiting friends, so in order to avoid falling on the 7 year old boy I twisted sideways, princess still in my hands. I tossed her off to the side so she wouldn't crash into the toy chest, but there wasn't enough time to save myself. So I crashed nose first into the corner of a very sturdy & wooden toy barn. Ouch. As soon as I could I rushed myself to the kitchen sink, realizing that I was just (sorry) gushing blood I grabbed a clean towel & tried to get it to stop. Gross & inconvenient, but still alive!

It must have freaked the kids out but good, they were most helpful for the rest of the day.

I can't recall ever having a bloody nose before, but I have seen them, mine was BAD by comparison & I already have an aversion to seeing blood. I was just trying to not pass out like I did after my last blood draw.

Thankfully I am not looking like a raccoon, which tells me that even if I did break it, it isn't bad. I am just puffy & redder than normal. I am more thankful that no children were injured in the incident! Ah the things our instincts make us do to save our children.

Although in discussing the incident with my husband I realized that it would have been far worse had I been able to turn my head. I probably would have knocked myself unconscious & he ended up working an hour later than usual, unexpectedly. So it would have been a while before I was helped!!!

I am sure at some point the children would have run next door or called my Mom (I hope), I had visions of chaos & mayhem.

Lessons learned:

1) I can still function with 4 children in the house & an ice pack on my nose after a near death experience in a parental fashion. Visiting children made it home on time.

2) Children really do bounce back quickly

3) Scrubbing blood drops out of a carpet is harder than you'd think after you possibly broke your nose. Especially since you have to bend over face down to do it.

4) I really do have a parental instinct, who knew!

5) While rules need to be strictly enforced, one should observe their surroundings first.

6) I am a paranoid, OC, weirdoo who while still bleeding managed to get the kids to pick up the toys so I could vacuum the popcorn off the floor.

7) We need softer toy boxes!

All in a days work I guess!!!

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