Sunday, May 20, 2007

Spending summary...

I decided to take this of the side bar, since it is so out of date (at least with exact numbers). The amount of money spent on gasonline has become outrageous & has us planning on buying a new car in the very near future so I am going to start tracking our savings for the downpayment.

as of May 20
Grocery $1650
Baseball stuff & fees - $50
Household: $795 (woohoo, no more diapers!)
Coal: $800 (I think that is our final total!)
Mortgage: $5260 (includes escrow)
Rental Income: $1575
Concession Trailer Payment: $750
Phone DSL: $380
Electric: $500
Dish: $375
Rental Repair: $200 (not getting back from former tenant)
Rental Repair: $800 (materials, not labor) we may get back, yeah right!

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