Friday, May 11, 2007

2007 Goals -

One paycheck into dh's new job, so not too much has changed yet. I have started working from home online, so far so good. I should be getting my first check next week.

I've been doing the blog for money thing (several different places). And I know I said I'd report how that was going, so hear it is...

Blogsvertise = 10 posts since January = $69 paid to date
Pay Per Post= 12 posts since March 7th = $56.75 paid to date, $42.50 will be paid. I'm no Colleen but the little bit has come in handy.
Loud Launch = 4 posts since February = $18.00 paid

I think the only area of the goals we are doing okay at is the teaching the kids about money. The Prince wants to be able to go buy a new video game, so this weekend he is going to have to do some serious chores to make up the difference over what he has for spending $ now & what the game will cost. We are letting him decide if that is how he wants to spend his hard earned money or not.

Well really, that's not true, we are improving on all our goals even amidst all the chaos going on, my routines are getting better. I won't say my house is chaos free, far from it, but my bed is made, I am dressed to the shoes, drinking water, and doing my best to spend at least 15 minutes a day de-cluttering & in my zone (if you have no idea what I'm talkng aobut & want to check out FlyLady). I have been able to save a little bit of money, I am still waiting to get paid for my new "job" but I'll let you know how that works out!

I got my Mother's Day gift from DH early! Since he is now working for a food distributor I am in heaven! He brought me some commercial grade cookie sheets & some large plastic food containers. I had also requested some flour & sugar (to be stored in the containers). So I got the coolest gift evvah! I think I'd only admit that here... "Oh what did you get for Mother's Day?" "Well, I got the coolest commercial grade 8qt plastic containers to store my flour, sugar & baking mixes in, ain't that cool!"..."Ummm sure", I can hear my sister now "You are a DORK". It isn't the ipod I wanted, but I'll live. I have already requested my Christmas Present come from work too. I am itching to get one of those Kitchen Aid stand mixers (to mix all my flour & sugar) Similar to Kitchenaid Professional 5 Plus KV25GOXGR 5-Quart Bowl Lift Stand Mixer - PARENT. And he can get me the commercial model that has an automatic shut off if the beater jams.

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