Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bid 4 Prizes - what's up with that?

Winning on the lowest bid, sounds like my kind of site. Or does it...

Okay, so I checked out the bid4prizes website & I am still SO confused. I bid an amount on a "prize" but I don't have to pay that amount, if I win? Okay, so what about shipping? Yes, I pay shipping (#7 terms of service), or wait their FAQ says you don't pay for shipping on the prizes, so why do they need my credit card #, maybe for the stuff I can get from the reward store???

What about if I don't have a cell phone. ~I know, who DOESN'T have a cell phone~~ME, ME, ME!!!~ Can't find anything, guess you have to be able to receive a text message...

You can pay $9.99 a month to get a premium membership (no ads & unlimited bidding) or you can not pay, view ads & only have 20 bids per day.

Still confused, not sure if it really works, guess if someone I know wins... Oh well, I really don't need anything on the prize page anyways!

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