Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Planning a Frugal Family Trip

Unlike a lot of people kids here are still in school.  Our summer doesn't start until June 22, I think.  Of course I think they go the last day, say Bye, get their stuff & get delivered back, but it is still a day we have to get up & ready to go out the door... We will be wrapping up baseball season the week after school ends & then we are free!  At least until summer reading camp & summer recreation starts.  Although I may decide to keep the Prince home his year & not go to summer rec.  We have tons of things here to do, swim, run, play, jump...

So I am trying to find a weekend where we can go on a short trip.  Not sure where exactly yet, but we are thinking the Cleveland MetroParks Zoo.  We were thinking about a baseball game too, but they cost so much and I know the Princess isn't going to sit still for the full game, she probably wouldn't make it an inning!  There is the possibility of the Rock'n Roll Hall of Fame, not really for the kids, but why shouldn't we get to do something for the grownups!  Both of my kids are musical, so maybe they will find something interesting there.  I'd like to stay in a nice hotel & that besides gas will probably be our biggest expense. Not that Cleveland is that far, it's just with gas prices & all...  I am hoping to keep it under $500.  We could go cheaper with the hotel room, but I want that to be part of the experience for the kids.  I think we are going to stay in the city & the cheapest nice place we've found is $119 a night.  I am also looking for something with perks, like a fridge & microwave, definitely a pool. Thankfully the Zoo is cheap!  At least admission.  I'll have them bring some of their allowance spending $ for the gift shop.

We are looking at several other fun things to do this summer, I'm sure we'll make several trips to our local amusement parks.  We are lucky enough to have 1 small park close by.  The state just took it over as a park & this is their first year, so we'll see how they do!  I'd also like to get to a local baseball game.  The Erie Sea Wolves aren't too far from here & the stadium is small enough that there are no bad seats.

It should be a fun summer, hopefully we'll get to do lots of cool stuff.  I can't help but feel I owe them, since the last two summers have been all about work & no play...

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