Friday, May 11, 2007

Bug Movie

This is why I don't "do" horror flicks! The trailer for this movie made me itch. I don't remember many movies or shows I viewed in childhood, but I do remember watching some tarantula movie with my Dad. After that one I can't stand to be around furry spiders, I couldn't even force myself to watch Arachnophobia. Whether the bugs are real or just imagined remains to be seen...Unless you happened to catch the theater production.

If you truly question my weird nature, keep in mind that thanks to Signs I keep my pantry door open at all times...

That said with a cast like Ashley Judd playing the waitress with a past, Michael Shannon playing the nervous eccentric drifter, & Harry Connick Jr. playing the abusive, recently paroled ex-husband I'm not sure how I could miss the bug movie. As any good horror flick should it probes the line between paranoia & a nightmarish reality. Just sounds cool to say. Wouldn't be worth seeing if it didn't probe the line!

If you know your theater, you'll know this movie is adapted from a play created by Tracy Lett, Michael Shannon actually played the role of Peter on stage before starring in the film. I doubt we'll be seeing this one at the local highschool anytime soon! With the movie being directed by William Friedkin, who also directed the Exorcist, I bet we are in for one thrilling ride.

Don't miss the bug movie set to open May 25th!

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