Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Give a weirdoo a webcam...

To read the opportunity at Payperpost.com you'd think that Person.com - webcams, chat, personals is another you-tube-ish type of site only with webcams. Sure it's for "dating" purposes, what isn't these days. Isn't myspace a "free dating site." I had to set my profile to private I was getting so many unsolicited viewers!

Well visiting Person.com just proves to me that if you give a weirdoo a webcam you are going to have to look at his privates! I am not saying that if you are into that sort of thing, it's wrong. But, I just don't think it is the best way to make that good first impression!!! Appearances are everything & unless you are looking for a gig in the adult film world, it's probably not the best marketing plan.

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