Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Storage Project

I want these! Stackable Multi-purpose Mud Storage Bins

From .

I saw these on the storage page & went OH YEAH now THAT's what I'm talking about!

Of course I don't look at the $59 price tag because that is per level & I have visions of a 5 foot wall of cute little storage bins. I think they would be easy to construct myself. I'd just have to have a plan & the raw materials. The bonus of doing it myself I could vary the size of the bins. I look at this product & think I could store my fabric in the bins, or a shorter set for toys in the kids rooms. I see they have shoes in it, $60 to store 3 pair of shoes...Puhleeeeze. Maybe if I had a closet full of Manolo's!

I find I am always searching online for new & inventive ways to store stuff. I know I should just get rid of some of the stuff, less to store, less to clean up. But, most of my problem is my hobby supplies. All that fabric I just had to have, that I either bought too much of, not enough of, or have large usable scraps left from... It wouldn't be frugal to toss them.

Right now I am using Rubbermaid totes in various sizes. It's OK, but I always seem to want the fabric on the bottom, never fails!

So the obvious conclusion here is that I am far from reaching my 2007 goal of organizing my sewing stuff!!! It isn't hepling that everytime I come up & try to do work the Princess follows & loves to play with my buttons. They are everywhere at the moment. She was rolling them down a piece of corner trim, I think the marble got lost. Of course I'll make her pick them up, but I did have them sorted in a tackle box by color & style... sigh. The price I pay for a few moments of peace!

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