Friday, May 25, 2007

Frugal Friday #10

5 tips to Avoid Overspending

This article is great! Although I have to say I am already following most of it.  My problem is that I "window shop" online!  I can't help but look at all the cute boutique items people are making & selling.  I can say that I haven't made that many purchases, but I have made a couple!  My problem is that I see something really cute for the Princess & then I need to go find the fabric, becasue I can make that... & then I find all this great fabric...  I am glad that my office & sewing room are one, becasue all I have to do is look to my left to see that I don't need to buy ANY MORE FABRIC right now!  I have enough unfinished half finished projects to last a while!!!

My big thing is weeding out the cart before checkout.  Sometimes I'll pick up something just to think about it & maybe I will decide I don't need it, or that I have to have it.  Yup I am one of THOSE people always leaving something at the end or the checkout isle!!!


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