Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pay Per Post Direct

Ever wondered why some blogs "Review Me" price is so high, well the blogger only gets to keep a small % of that. The rest is kept to cover expenses. The cost of blog advertising can be high if you think about it, finding advertisers, processing payments, finding bloggers, processing payments... It all adds up, just like my grocery bill!

Plus they are only the middle man, but for advertisers to get to you aren't they clicking a link on your site? Why pay the middle man so much? Pay per Post is saying that they are going to charge us a modest %10, 5% of that goes to processing payments. I think I agree that if I'm going to do most of the work anyways shouldn't I get to keep most of the cash? The bonus is I don't have to do all the HARD work! PPP is going to market eligible blogs to advertisers, meaning more opps for us all!

PPP has made it easy, an advertiser clicks your widget, can pay using a credit card & PPP pays you (-10% fee) and sends you a nice little statement at the end of the year for your tax files.

The bonus is all you have to do is stick the widget on your blog & wait! If an advertiser finds you PPP lets you know, then you just do what you do best & blog!!!

Gotta love progress!

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