Friday, May 4, 2007

Homemade shake-n-bake

This is one I have been using a lot lately & I just threw it together, no real recipe. I tried the "shake-n-bake" recipe I posted before & I found that the only thing that would stick was the flour, so that was the first ingredient to go!

Bread crumbs (mine are currently unseasoned, and store bought, I'll make my own next time)
Milled Flax Seed (got it at our Walmart Super Center, it adds a nutty taste)
Lawry's Poultry Rub (We had a bottle left over from a fundraising BBQ)

In a container with low sides (I use my rectangular glass baking dish) I mix a couple handfulls of the brea crumbs with about 1/4 c of the flax seed & probably a tablspoon of the Lawry's. Then I just roll whatever I want breaded & bake as usual. We had this on Pork chops last night & Drumsticks a couple weeks ago.

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