Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wednesday...**Updated 5:30PM!

It is anti-procrastination Wednesday in the FlyLady world. I am going to clean my kitchen!

The mission that I have chosen to accept is to clear off my side table & counter. Most of my small appliances are out on the counter & the side table is where EVERTYTHING gets dropped when we walk through the door.

I am also going to:
Painting the ceiling in the upstairs kitchen
Touch up bathroom walls
3rd coat of gloss on cabinet doors
Take hardware off above fridge cupboard before painting
Install repaired window (with dh)
Start priming the floor (front of windows & inside of closet)
Laundry (1 load)
Make spaghetti sauce w/meatballs for dinner
~I bought the meatballs, only because it was cheaper per pound than ground to MYO, what is up with that???
Vacuum the Princess's room & living room

My To do for Thursday is:
zone mission (kitchen)
finsih kitchen cupbaords for hanging
wash mini blinds upstairs
put up window frost film upstairs bathroom
clean floor & tub in bathroom upstairs
WALK with my sister
scrub my tub out with comet & soak toys overnight in bleach water

VACUUM house
Paint kitchen floor, first coat

Left to do in apartment
Move stove upstairs, convert back to gas
get washer & install
buy 2 mini blind to replace broken ones

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