Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Morning

So we were finally able to show the apartment this weekend. It isn't 100% finished but we are close. We'll be listing it in the paper this week.

Still need to do:
Clear coat the floor (requires a trip to store, I only have oil based poly)
hang mini blinds I bought yesterday
clean larger mini blinds
hang shower curtain
clean tub
touch up bedroom ceiling
install stove & washer
clean fridge
finish clearing out our tools & leftovers

Then we'll be done, for now atleast. If anything we learned how much we need to put insulation in the attic & rewire the upstairs on our project lists. Each apartment has it's own sub panel, but they run into our panel as one, except of course for the circuits not run into the sub panels... Make sense to you? Didn't to me either!

I put frosted window film on the lower part of the bathroom window. My plan was to eliminate any window covering, allowing more light in. It worked, the film looks great & I don't see a reason to turn on the lights unless it's dark out. Before the window had a blue mini blind covering it & the lights got left on all day & night (did I mention I pay the electric bill...) I also hung the roller shades half way instead of all the way at the top of the windows in the main living areas. I will also be moving the kitchen blinds. I figure privacy isn't an issue, but the more light we can let in the lower my electric bill will be!

I wish I had that option downstairs. Our kitchen is so dark the only 2 windows look onto a covered & screened in side porch. I have to have lights on all day, as long as we are in the room. I had the main light converted to CF light bulbs, but they went upstairs with the old fan. My new fan is too pretty to put the ugly twisty CF bulbs in. SO next time we are at the home store we'll pick up 4 of the prettier ones!

I hope it gets rented soon, the longer it sits empty the more I want to keep it that way! I really don't want anyone messing up all the work I just did...

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