Monday, March 19, 2007

Baby wearing

I admit it... I never got this exercise. I loved the idea of "wearing" your baby, something about comfort & closeness. It was just never a priority to me. I did have a baby carrier, it even converted from front to back. I watched the video & we made it work for the front a few times with the Prince. By the time the Princess was born I had misplaced the video & darned if I could figure out what snaps went where. Didn't want her falling out while we were walking.

We even had one of those back pack like things for when they became toddlers. The Prince was ok in it, except he was heavy and trying to find a spot to get him off wasn't easy. But it was convenient for when we went to a couple festival things. We didn't really do anything with the Princess, second child, less money, increased gas prices... We just don't travel as much as we used to.

The idea of wearing her around the house seemed novel. At least then I'd know where she was if I had to go into a different room. ~ My children became mobile WAY to early. ~ I just couldn't figure out the carrier we had & there was no way I could have convinced dh to buy a new one.

I was just introduced to Attached to baby. They seem to have a ton of varieties & styles of slings, carriers, wraps & pouches. It also seems that the price of such things has come down in the few years since I've looked at them. I think the sling might have been a better option for me than the carrier. It SEEMS less confusing & with fewer parts!

I am really attracted to the baby legs. I have seen these in numerous places & have made them a mental must-have for my sisters kids (when she has one!). They just look so comfy & I want a pair for myself...

They also have doll carriers, wraps & slings so the older sister can pretend, how cute! If the Princess had one & we were (not possible!) going to have another, my fear would be she wouldn't pretend...

They even have an outlet for us frugalites!

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