Monday, March 12, 2007

Pay Per Post - What's going on?

I was just checking out the opportunities over at Pay Per Post & they have this offer up to speculate on what their "Big Announcement" will be... Big News... We are supposed to guess, no matter how crazy we get.

I don't even know where to begin trying to guess what they have up their sleeves. Being new to the pay per post world I am guessing it could be anything! I don't know anything for sure but it could be a worldwide initiative to eliminate bad TV commercials (So easy a Cave man could do it...OK). Or maybe it's a rule update allowing bloggers with "real blogs" to begin posting sooner than the 90 days.

But I think I heard somewhere that they are going to hire aliens to help increase site traffic for their advertisers, kind of like the USPS (Men in Black II says that most of the postal workers are aliens!). I now have visions of the guy with lots of arms sorting mail in the box, smoking a cigarette. Maybe they'll have the alien guy pushing buttons & moving wires to connect us with the alien colony living on the dark side of the moon. Really they have found a way to pay per post away terrorism. After all we are one interweb, even if Al Gore did invent it.

Well that is about as crazy as my imagination gets. I must not be watching soaps enough lately...

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