Monday, March 5, 2007

Our weekend

I think my life is far too focused on these darn repairs... I'll post our $ totals once I know what they are. I'm sure it will depress me, but I'll get over it. It'll just be one more notch to my side of the not wanting to re-rent it argument! There is nothing frugal about this, but we are trying to do our best, using things we already have, replacing with energy conservation in mind...

We spent Friday at Lowes. Pretty much all day, I don't recommend it if you are trying to NOT spend $ ! I did get lunch out of the deal (and dinner & lunch the next day thanks to leftovers!), we used a couple gift cards we ordered with our tax refund.

In trying to decide on a light fixture for the kitchen upstairs we spotted a ceiling fan that I instanly fell in love with! So we ordered it for our kitchen & we are going to move our current fan upstairs (I don't like it, too white!). So ours will be going upstairs as soon as that ceiling gets painted (today). Woohoo! I love that somehow in all this I am getting things I want too!!!

Still have to do:
Finish painting bathroom cabinet door fronts then done!
3rd coat of gloss white on waiscotting
paint upper walls in bath
paint over spackle in closet/pantry
replace 13 plugs & 2 light switches
paint 1 wall
paint bedroom ceiling, I still have a couple spots to touch up, but it's mostly done.
paint kitchen ceiling
New light fixtures
Fix window replaced with new plexi & glued & strapped frame, it'll hold just won't be able to use it (of course it's one of the curved ones...)
caulk kitchen counter
paint upper cabinet & rehang It is mostly painted (1 more coat)then I need to finish once it's hung...
wash blinds & rehang
clean carpet
clean rooms
hang shower curtain
hang curtain hardware
install digital thermometer
caulk & paint kitchen floor *Started caulking yesterday
bring stove upstairs
replace back apartment stove
install washer
I'm sure there is more, but I can't think of anything yet!!!

Of course our home is starting to look abandoned! I managed to get the dishes almost caught up yesterday & a couple loads of laundry folded & the kids stuff is put away... I will have my bedroom back by the end of the month or there will be mutiny here! I have to cook something that really qualifys as food for dinner & we need to vacuum, but I need to get that apartment rented ASAP!!! Priorities, I know...

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