Friday, March 23, 2007

Frugal Friday Tip #2

I know I missed last week, Friday kind of snuck up on me!

Well, I had intended to pull one of the vast # of tips I had stored in my harddrive, but alas it has decided to die/crash/leave me up the creek with no paddles...
So we had to do a very unfrugal thing & buy a new computer. It will actually cost more to repair the laptop(???). So we bought a desktop bundle & will have to save $ to have the harddrive shipped out for retrival. I do so hope that it can be rescued
I hate to have to spend the money, but our lives & businesses were on that puppy! Lesson Learned, copy stuff to CDR! The cost of the 100 CDRs would have been a fraction of the $400 we will have to pay to MAYBE get all my data back.

So my Frugal Friday Tip for today is to back up your files. Write them to disk, find an online host & upload them. It would have been worth the time & expense for me to still be able to pull up the pictures of my babies & my 5000 recipes... ;-(.

Frugal Friday

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