Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Clothes Line...

There is nothing more frugal or green than hanging clothes out to dry, unless of course you beat them with a rock in the stream to wash them first (eww). I was recently made aware, that 35,000+ home owner's associations in CA have banned the back yard clothesline (Laundry List). ***Gasp*** On one hand I am shocked that CA has proven (again) that I want to live there less than I do in NY & how can a state that is currently considering legislation to ban the incandescent light bulb condone the banning of the most Green practice I know...

Ok, so you don't want to see you neighbors undies hanging outside, yuck, but what is wrong with sheets & blankets. Personally, I love to dry somethings outside. Jeans, undies & towels are a big no no. Towels especially, for some reason I have always had them get stiff & scratchy, not how a big fluffy towel should be!

It is a sign of spring here, when the quilts & sheets start dotting the landscape. The laundry line is a far more compelling sign than that of run over skunk (also a sign of Spring!)

You haven't lived until you've driven by an Amish house with the collection of blue & black strung all over. It's just a lovely sight.

5 minute finances #10- Buy some clothespins and a rope

I miss my clothes line & we will be rehanging it as soon as the weather is cooperative. I had one strung in the only possible place, between a tree & our garage. It was movable because it wasn't the most out oF the way location, so why it was pulled to the point of falling down I will never guess... I think they forgot it was there? The green rope was camouflaged against the yellow garage? As long as it gets rehung I really don't give a rip... :D.

Stop the Ride's wordless Wednesday photo is of her laundry out on the line...

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