Wednesday, March 7, 2007


There is one thing I cannot stand about our Satellite service & that is ALL the shopping channels we have to wade through. I will admit to shopping at one but only online, I don't sit there & watch all day waiting to pounce on a deal. That would be the Home Shopping Network (HSN). I can say that the bed I sleep in, the comforter & sheets as well, the laptop I am typing on, even our video camera have been purchased from HSN over the years. I have found the best deals in their clearance bins (the bedding) & taken advantage of their flex pay (bed, camera & laptop). The only thing better than hitting a good deal is having Home Shopping Network Coupons when you shop.

I love shopping online. I will be searching CouponChief for coupons before I checkout, no matter where I am shopping. There is no reason a good deal on something you need or want & have saved for can't be a better or great deal!!!

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