Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Valentine's Day & the school

So we got the "List" of Valentine's I need to send with the Prince to school...28! That includes his 13 other classmates & the rest are staff.

Yikes, guess I'd better pick them up soon, as the Prince will have to write on them all!

Plus I agreed to send candy, and what ever else I can send in for their party.

oh yeah, the bus drivers weren't on the list...that is 2 more.

so I have to help him get 30 Valentine's ready, I can feel the stress already. It isn't that I don't enjoy this time of year it is just hard to get a boy (7 or not, at least MY BOY) to sit down & put that much effort into anything. He will lose patience after about 15 minutes. Maybe I'll let him use the computer & he can design them all there, then we can just change the names :D... Ah laziness! Gotta love it.

I did find a source for some very cute Valentine's at http://www.verybestbaker.com they were under the articles section. (I'd link but the website appears to be down at the moment)

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