Friday, February 23, 2007

Misc links & articles

Just checking my email and finally getting to sit down and read some of the feeds I subscribe to I cound some great articles out there...

The Simple Dollar has an article on how his ATM cost him $30.28 in one month & how to avoid it in the future.

Stop the Ride wrote about how a higher page rank can equal paying off debt.

Stephanie also has an article Stop do not make a trip to the store with some great substitute links. I do this all the time, not just because I don't have what the recipe calls for but because I like to use what I have. I do so dislike to have to buy buttermilk for a bread recipe that will just go bad after I'm done with the recipe, so at least for buttermilk I always try to keep the buttermilk powder on hand. It keeps forever in the fridge & I have barely noticed a difference in my Grandma's brown bread recipe.

You can also check out this weeks Frugal Friday entries.

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