Saturday, February 3, 2007

31 Days - Wrap up

31 days wrap up over at the Simple Dollar.

Oh my so it is already Feb 3rd... guess the Ground Hog should have clued me in to that little fact....

I feel so much better off knowing where I am financially (ok, well as much as I know!)

I am going to spend the month of Feb. reviewing the info & establishing some long range goals & a financial plan. I need to write a business plan for our business. I also need to plan for the tax return. I will be taking 10% of it & putting it somewhere safe.

I am going to think about every penny I spend in a different light though (I know the idea is to be flexible, but at the moment I don't have that ability).

Ah well it is already 8 degrees here & I am going to go sew something! SO I can focus my creative energies on something other than obsessing on our $, or lack there of...

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