Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Check out: 37 Killer AdWords Secrets Exposed

You too can master the art of using Google AdWords pay per click. Check out the new book "37 Killer AdWords Secrets Exposed". Written by Robert Hall with a former Google insider the book focuses on helping both small and large businesses set up profitable pay per click campaigns. Get the inside scoop on winning text, headlines, punctuation, capitalization, ad structure, winning web page design and split testing. Advertising is a necessity for any business. You need to reach your customer or you won't have a business for long. If you can't afford a consultant or huge marketing campaign (or just don't want to fork over the big bucks) download this free e-book to learn the secrets from experts in the industry. The free download contains 5 of the 37 proven but little-known strategies.

FREE - Download 5 Chapters from eBook Now.

All the secrets in this book have been proven to increase your click through rates. They are based on actual results and take only minutes to implement. Learn the secrets & save the time and money you'd spend attending a seminar.

Topics in the free booklet include;

- How to write winning Google PPC ads

- How to create a killer headline for Pay-Per-Click ads

- Specific text to place in your PPC ads to attract clicks

-What is ad 'split-testing'?

- Why you should never let Google choose your winning ad when split-testing

- How to use your imagination to create winning PPC ads and Web pages

- How even little things, such as punctuation and capitalization, can lead to a huge boost in online response

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