Thursday, February 1, 2007

Rich Woman

I am almost ready to give my final review of the book.

So far I am deep into it. I like the style of writing, however I just finished chapter 19 & all I really know is that she has a really large group of old friends & that women can & should invest... She made her own money investing in realestate, more specifically rentals. This generates cashflow, which is good. She does address the "flipping" phenomenon by pointing out that once it is sold, what ever you made (or didn't) is it, where renting gives you monthly cash flow. There are formulas for determining what is a good buy, good cash flow, etc.

Being a landlord myself (1 property, our home) I can say that only having a couple of apartments is more work than profit. We were looking for income to offset our mortgage & taxes. Except our local taxes went up $1000 since we acquired the property & our rents are barely covering our escrow. I would like to invest in at least 1-2 more apartment buildings, we are just waiting for the right one in the right area at te right time :D.

Hopefully the next few chapters of the book will give a little bit of the "how", not like I expect a diagram or anything, but some direction would be nice.

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