Friday, February 2, 2007

First shopping trip of Feb. 2007

Oh boy what a trip!

I actually spent $87 at Aldi, just on stuff! I needed to restock the pantry bad, I guess!!! I did score with Moo Tubes being on Managers Special (I should have bought the case!) They were $0.79 a box marked down from $1.79. I bought 3 boxes, I hope they freeze well, but the way the kids eat them I doubt they'll be in there for too long. I also picked up a couple gallons of milk, at least one goes in the freezer, we drink about 2 gallons a week here, unless I make cookies & then we can drink 3.

We also had to pick up coal (it really would have been so much easier to have ordered 4 pallets & had it delivered~sigh).

Pay the Dish bill.

I think that pretty much did it for the spending portion of dh's pay check. I should be fine for the week as far as food goes! I am used to getting by on 75 - 100 a week on groceries & stuff. So when I run out of say cooking spray I'll buy one the next trip, etc... Well we have been running out of things lately (I haven't been replacing before we run out, like I am used to doing) so I needed this trip to get my kitchen back to functional!!!

I am going to have to get back in the habit of doing a menu plan. It's not that I need it to plan my shopping around, I really just like to have a plan for leftovers. I am a leftover person, dh is not, so I have to be creative. Chicken on Sunday leads to chicken rice casserole on Thursday...& so on.

I also had to pick up a few things to go in my Valentine's Day Swap box...shhhh!

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