Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Update on me!

I know like you care!!! We have been so busy with repairing the apartment that I have fallen behind where I wanted to be in posts & surfing (networking sounds better!). I recently was approved for loudlaunch here so I'll be giving that a try. Anything to help pay a few bills around here! I am waiting another 3 days for this blog to be over 90 days for the Pay Per Post approval. I'll let you know how that is going as well, after I begin at least!

I did submit a tip to (ok 4 so far, but only 1 was accepted) but it hasn't been published yet, so I haven't been paid. I submitted my blog to & received $15 for putting a link in the side bar for the year, not bad & it's just a text link.

I didn't start this blog to make me a million dollars, but making a little here & there is a nicety. I don't think I am entertaining or knowledgeable enough to put up a "tip jar" so browse, click & enjoy.

I need to go start dinner, so I'd better wrap things up here!

The Prince seems to be feeling better, so maybe he'll go to school tomorrow & then we can go to the store & pick up the stuff we need to finish the apartment (gotta get it ready to rent before the 15th). We still have to paint a couple ceilings, one wall, the bathroom & the kitchen floor. Then we need to pick up a washer, cover a pass through door, & clean. We'd like to put a new entry door in but it's not gonna happen yet, since we technically need 2 & the one directly into the apartment will have to be fitted, I doubt we'll find a reasonable 84" x 31" prehung.

I did change the locks & we have already done:

Removed the paneling on almost all the walls
Repaired the plaster
Painted the walls (3 coats)
Painted the bathroom vanity
changed out ugly window blinds for nicer roller shades
removed a window & measured (now we need to find 3 matching cheap HA)
repaired the kitchen ceiling (we have a minor roof leak & materials to fix when the weather is 65+ degrees it can be fixed)
Removed icky boards under washer & dryer
Had heater motor rebuilt
inspected attic
insulated the weird old window holes we found behind the paneling
removed all old curtain hardware (boy can the years & number of tenants add up in that regard)
broken dryer hose removed

Still have to do:
Finish painting bathroom cabinet
3rd coat of gloss white on waiscotting
paint upper walls in bath
paint over spackle in closet/pantry
replace 13 plugs & 2 light switches
paint 1 wall
paint bedroom ceiling
paint kitchen ceiling
caulk kitchen counter
paint upper cabinet & rehang
clean carpet
clean rooms
hang shower curtain
hang curtain hardware
install digital thermometer
caulk & paint kitchen floor
bring stove upstairs
install washer
I'm sure there is more, but I can't think of anything yet!!!

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