Thursday, February 22, 2007

Things getting back to normal here

Well at least the Prince returned to school today! He has been home sick for the last 2 days (Monday was a holiday...) But he hasn't been well since Sunday. I think he just caught a head cold that threw everything else off.

We need to go buy more paint for the upstairs apartment (just your basic white) & I have a ceiling to paint. Then we need to do something with the kitchen floor, we just can't seem to agree on what. I don't really want to have to rent a sander yet (mostly because if we do that then we will be sanding our bedroom floor & the front room of the house & possibly the living room which means pulling up carpet & moving a LOT of furniture)

On a frugal note...Ok I have nothing here! Oh wait. I made a deposit into our emergency savings account & my stock account. So there is progress!

I'll do a 2007 goal update later today (maybe, definately by tomorrow).

For now I need to go write a few more blog posts & then get my behind moving & go clean my house (even if I can't find it under all my clothes still not in the closet...)

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