Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2007 Goal update

I said I'd get just took me a little longer than I thought it should! The Prince has been sick since last Saturday and has been home from school most days since.

1. Kids & money - The Prince has started counting change in class so we have been doing lots of talking about $$$ here!!!

2. Save money - MY ING account is opened & funded! Woohooo

3. Exercise & eat right - Still maintaining the weight & exercise

4. Clothes that fit: yeah sure, like I've seen my sewing room lately! HA!!!

5. Managing my time better - I am going to continue to work on this especially since I still find myself taking FOREVER in the office. It wouldn't be so bad if I could move the laptop, we need to order a new charger/power adapter for it...

6. Potty training & bed training - Well the Princess has been wearing panties all day! She has even gone on her own. The sleeping thing, we moved the tv into her room & will start snuggling her in her bed instead of the couch, we'll see if that works!

7. Emergency Kit - I have the tote, 4 blankets, and some clothing.

8. Routine - Well I sort of have this, we are still spending lots of time upstairs in the apartment & looking after the sick kiddos, but my laundry is ok, the dishes are mostly done & the bathroom is clean (especially since the flu was going around town & I didn't want them to be using a gross toilet, ewww)

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