Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More good stuff from the web.

At the risk of sounding like a one woman advertising plug for the Simple Dollar blog, Dip your toes into Frugal Living: 10 ways to save money this week, is a great post with some good tips about how you can make a difference, even a little at a time.

Frugal Lunch by Clever Dudette has a good break down of the "bring your own food to work" numbers plus some great comments!!!

Tips for Frugal Living at My Money Forest has links to other tips & some good ones listed, gonna have to try the "eggshells to keep slugs out of the rose garden" tip, now that I finally have a couple rose bushes!

Since it is time to start planning our garden (even here in the still frigid north east 20 secrets to a flourishing frugal garden.

It is also tax time & while my personal taxes are already in & done it doesn't hurt to review the Common Red Flags that lead to IRS Audits written by Get Rich Slowly.

And one more for good measure Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa shares her finds from a weekly trip to the goodwill. Gotta love the goodwill! I wish I had this much success with our Salvation Army...

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