Monday, February 12, 2007

Been distracted...

Sorry I haven't been here to post in the last couple of days. I have been busy trying to recover from some major tenant damage to our upper front apartment. She unhooked her wash machine & just let the water supply lines drain all over, right onto my bedroom. We had to demo the whole ceiling. So far we've replaced the part half that was completely ruined. But our deciding factor was we couldn't locate enough of the same tiles to just replace.

So I have been doing laundry (because guess where I fold all my clean laundry & I hadn't had a chance to put it away...) & trying to patiently dry wall my ceiling!

We are hoping that our insurance company will come through in the end, but we will most likely be stuck, we can sue, but I doubt we'd ever get paid. She also ran the washer into the space heater so that got thrown off & we had to have a motor rebuilt another $200...

We will most likely have to refinish the hardwood floors upstairs as well. Not only are they cloudy from the water she gouged them with something.

So if I post this week it will be sporadic at best, cuz I'm gonna be up to my elbows in home repair, FUN WOW!!!!

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