Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Still in home repair hell...

Floor scratches where someone tried to kick in door, snaping dead bolt in half...cracked the door & casings.

We have managed to get half of the ceiling repaired. Now we have decided that we need to refinish the floor upstairs & probably down.

We decided to paint up in the apartment, dh had to see what was behind the ugly paneling, so we took most of it down. filled in the holes & have painted. We left the paneling up on some of the walls simply because they were covering weird holes in the wall (we are thinking old windows...they were just filled in with a little insulation & plywood but still inset, weird) we filled in with more insulation & stopped all the drafts we could feel & put the paneling back up. We are painting over it, so it won't look dumb. Eventually we will drywall those walls just not now!

We have to replace 2 windows, one that has cracked glass & the other just fell apart(obviously they tried to open it against our instructions). We knew we'd have to replace about 12 windows when we bought the house but we were hoping to do it all at once & not for a couple more years.

But, the heater was saved by having the motor rebuilt, so we saved a ton of $ there. The bill was $163 verses $1000 for a new heater (we couldn't find anyone to sell us one, had to go through a contractor).

So Items we have completed:
Clean up of water mess
removal of paneling
insulating drafts in walls
fill in holes
sand spackle
paint living room
repair heater
changed locks

Our Room
Clean up of water mess
Removed old ceiling tiles
replaced insulation
took out awkward closet with broken bi-fold door (creating a wall of closet :D)
dry wall 1/2 of ceiling
mud & tape what is up
bought paint for ceiling & walls

Bathroom downstairs
removed old moldy ceiling
put up "new" ceiling with recycled tiles from bedroom

Still left to do
buy washer
sand floor
paint or varnish floor
hang shelves in kitchen
paint "dining room"
paint front door trim
clean carpets
paint bathroom
paint bath vanity, because finish is worn off (only 1 1/2 years old grrr)
move new stove upstairs & convert back to gas from propane

Finish ceiling
refinish floors (while we have sander we will pull up more carpet to expose our hardwoods)
celebrate when I can finally hang my clothes back up!!!

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