Friday, June 6, 2008

Why Cheap is not always Frugal

DH is upstairs on the other PC researching repair parts for his miter saw. Apparently the flat parts that are supposed to keep the blade straight are not very flat anymore (if they ever were). We haven't used it a ton for actual miters, mostly just straight cuts. But I noticed when he cut the trim for the bathroom the angles were "off".

I discovered that the tilt was set to below 0, Dh had only paid attention to the angle it's self. Apparently there are parts that are worn or bad that would have made this error less likely.

We knew this wasn't a top of the line power tool when we bought it but I did figure that it would make it through the "little" bit of trim work our house requires. And it makes me angry that after maybe 2 years of owning the tool & maybe having used it 20 times it needs repair.

Thankfully it seems the part is fairly common & we should be able to upgrade it when we replace it. How inexpensively I don't know yet.

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