Sunday, June 1, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

We signed up for a local walking event that goes for the next 4 weeks so I am trying to plan walking time in around the baseball schedules and everything else we have going on. We took a brief walk this evening, it's about a mile. We are lucky to have a Rails to Trails just up the road from us. It runs all the way to the school so we take it frequently, but tonight we all had our pedometers on! While we were on the road I had a whole wheat pizza crust rising. I am starting to get better at the pizza crust thing, but I'm not deli perfect yet! Lunch was a chicken BBQ hosted by a local fire department. It's one of several annual fundraisers they have so we try to go every year. My Dad paid for us all to go, but then they take most of the leftovers!!!

Then we moved to the school for their annual Fling hosted by the Wellness committee. It was a fun couple hours, the kids played on the new playground & at several other activities & the best part, FREE! I think this has been the first clear and almost warm day since they started, last year it rained. Such is the weather of WNY in spring!!!

I am trying to clean out the freezers, they are just a mess & we need to replace the bulk storage freezer, so there may not be a huge variety in my menu, but it is truly pantry/fridge clean out time! Especially since I am trying to avoid buying as much as possible, just the basics!

Monday - Individual Pizzas (provided by neighbor) for quick before practice meal, hubby & I will eat leftovers 6PM practice Prince

Tuesday - Shells & Cheese - homemade. I just have shells in the pantry, I also have some ham leftover from a spiral ham I bought at Aldi when they had them marked down. I would put in peas but I think I am out & may not get to the store before then. If I don't I will use the broccoli I know I have.

Wednesday - Spaghetti & Meatballs, I have some baby spinach in the fridge I will mince into the sauce, they didn't notice it hte last time (homemade meatballs, jar sauce) Preschool picnic, 5:15 practice Princess

Thursday -Chicken and biscuits, I'll used whatever cream of soup I have and my biscuit baking mix

Friday - Something quick like hot dogs, game night & I'll be yard sale-ing all morning. Baseball Game 6 PM

Saturday - Grill Night, I think Burgers unless I find a good special on some steaks b-day party Prince, tball game Princess

Sunday - No clue! Defeats the purpose of a plan but It will probably be leftover night, unless it's an icky day & I throw together some pizza dough.

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