Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rewards Update

Let's see. My email has been overflowing with surveys, click through ads and offers

I have earned 1035 points at mypoints. Just from clicking through, completing a couple offers and some surveys, since April when I redeemed some points for a TJMaxx gift card. You can Earn Rewards at MyPoints.
I'm not sure what I'm earning points for yet, but I will probably have some purchases by the time I do. Maybe I'll get a CVS card for me, or a gift card for one of the many weddings we have coming up.

I have earned $19.13 at Inbox Dollars they require a balance of $30 for payout, so we're getting there!

I have redeemed e-rewards for a 2 year subscription to "Everyday Food" & a 1 year subscripiton to "Woman's Day." I still have $13 left in my account but there wasn't anything appealing in the $10 range besides the Woman's Day. Maybe there will be something nice in the $15 range when I get there.

I can't remember where I got the 2 year subscription to "Country Home" was from but that arrived this week.

I completed the required viewing for Adperk to get "Good Housekeeping" I am working on "Field & Stream" now.

I have also started collecting SheKnows points. I doubt I'll have enough anytime soon to get the Wii, but there are lots of other cool things to choose from!!!

I found this when I cleared off our dresser to move it upstairs (one more piece of furniture in place!)

This was a creation of my husband, using a tube from lipgloss the Princess got at Christmas & one of the LED flashlights I bought as small gifts, voila, one blue lightsabre. I thought it was very odd & yet creative!!!

Just one of those things that few would get, and are strange looking when not in context LOL!

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