Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First T-ball game

This is the real reason out April & May budget were shot to hell. Note the pink spikes, helmet & very WHITE pants. The pants are 2 sizes too big for her so she is wearing a belt. I'm not sure how I managed to get them clean but I did, so they are white for her next game!!!
She really did a good job on the field, can't ya tell??? (Pink glove, camo no less)

We also had to buy a tee so she can practice in the batting cage at home (yes we have a full size batting cage 12x12x40 feet) and a pink bag to carry her things in (TJMaxx woohoo). The bat she uses is also hers, it's purple with pink grip tape. We had that last year, I don't remember why!

Poor thing ended up on the RED team, sigh, at least it's only 5 games that she'll look like an obnoxious Valentine's Day card.

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