Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May Goals Wrap Up

1. Budget our money better We got behind again (just keepin it real). The last paycheck is still lost in the USPS somewhere so we were caught unprepared for that. Plus the added expense of all the baseball stuff. Oh why didn't I have summer children!

2. Pay down our debt We are still on the set schedule so we are -$600 on our loan but still only -$320 on other stuff.

3. Use savings, rebates & misc found money to fund our emergency fund.
Dh transfered the money from our savings to our checking, we don't know why he just did, so now I have to transfer it back, but when I do I'm sending it straight to the ING account.

4. Blog daily. I haven't been daily but I've been multiple when I do. Which is more annoying?

5. Work on DIY project everyday. We got the hotwater tank switched out, more gardening done, DH is working on our winter supply of wood, we moved the table/island into the kitchen, I think my DIY right now should be more on the decluttering of it all!!!

6. Do better with cards for family & friends. Think I should just toss this one for the year & pick something else!!!

7. Focus on more MYO foods.
Living out of the pantry has helped too.

8. Eliminate more clutter Monday is big metal pick up day, we will be putting our stuff out, if the Village doesn't get it some scavenger will.

June will be another interesting month, we have to get caught up, but I also have 2 wedding showers, birthdays, & Father's Day. I am the type of person that usually picks up things on sale for these occasions but DH doesn't so I am constantly at odds with him over it. My gift closet is gone & I know that it is contributing to my current stress level. But then by month's end we should have our stimulus check. I am just hoping to get the 25% squirreled away before it all gets spent.

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