Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Week in Review 6-25-08


The purpose of this meme is to record a weekly memoir of your life to look back on for your own personal reflection/enjoyment and for your children/grandchildren to enjoy and learn from your experiences. Don't you wish your parents/grandparents had left something like this for you?? I do!! Feel free to answer all or any...whatever you want to share and record, and feel free to add any subject I may have overlooked.

Week's Weather Rainy but comfortable weather. There was one really big thunderstorm that went through on Saturday

Life lessons -

Favorite Meal(s) - Pizza (takeout)

Treasured Moment(s) - The Princess's last t-ball game, rocket launching, The Prince is home sick.

Impacting News

National Gay Marriages legalized in CA over voter's will, flooding in the midwest

Local- nothing big really local, not sure about the cities, didn't watch the news!

Personal - The Prince is home sick, he might not make it to his last day of school.

Things I Read Finished "Interview with a Vampire" Browsing old Better Homes & Gardens and old Homes & Gardens to get ideas for plantings. All I really got was an urge to paint everything white...

*Movies We Watched - Iron Man, National Treasure 2, Alvin & The Chipmunks

*Interesting Internet - Discovered why the movie theater has those "no recording devices" signs, otherwise I've been researching more plants!

Talked with - Just people at the games, no one really stands out!

Places We Went - tball, baseball, pancake breakfast for class of 2010

Budget Savers/Busters- Another week of almost no grocery shopping, living out of the freezer & pantry, we're getting down to chicken & rice soup and vegetarian beans... better get myself to a store soon!!! (oh yea, yams I have a TON of yams!)

Blessings - we were all getting healthy until Sunday! Even the hubby's allergies were getting better.

Challenges Sick Prince, finishing the garden planting

Accomplishments moving our dresser upstairs; laundry; setting up a guest room upstairs, just in case it's needed in a couple weeks; last of the veggies are planted.

Family Happenings - last week not much but baseball

Photos (dresser before move , dresser cleared off before move, I don't have a pic of it in place upstairs but it is very neat & decorated, I think there are only 3 things still on it that were in the first pic)

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