Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WFMW - Mom I'm Bored

I really do dislike these words, mostly because when I say them I really do mean it. Unlike the way kids just toss it around because they can't think of something to do.

I usually steer them to the back yard where we have a swing set, sand box, sided trampoline, yard, batting cage, play boat, bikes, scooters, slide, garden... If it's yucky I send them to the playroom. There they have tinker toys, legos, blocks, barbies, dolls, kitchen stuff, cars, balls, tents, books, crayons, tractors, countless happy meal toys that they HAD to have, etc., etc., etc.

But then you know this because you probably have it all too, so what do you do when there really is NOTHING to do. Trying to think frugally I try to use what I have. Cardboard boxes become something else, we break out the paints, playdough (bought or homemade).

But the best so far was the day we spent making CD-Rom fish (the freebies we always get in the mail or old ones) some construction paper for lips and fins.

Of course you can see I am a very talented mouse artist (NOT)...
But you get the idea, we used regular glue & cut a length of yarn to hang them from. This takes 2 CDs shiny side out. We glued all the parts to one and then glued them together.

The kids gave them as Father's Day gifts to the Grandpas. We also made some ornaments using some left over trim (I have a lovely furry pink one with lace string). We made some look like flowers with petals... The options are only limited by your imagination & the number of CDs you have around!

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