Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Garden #3

We have only 1 bed completely fenced so the other hasn’t been planted yet. I am hoping to have it up by the weekend so I can get my tomatoes & peppers in.

Lettuce – Doing well

Carrots – doing well enough that I think I can remove the window that I have over my “cold frame” (apparently I need to weed them).

Spinach – Hasn’t sprouted yet

Watermelon – one survived transplanting, will have to re–sow I really only wanted 3 or 4 plants

Pumpkins – 4 have survived, I will be planting another couple seeds

Tomatoes – I have 9 cherry & 4 regular. I will go buy a pack of regular for earlier picking. The seeds I started 8 weeks before the frost are not as far along as I think they should be.

Corn – I have some ruby seedlings to go in this weekend, a few peaches & cream variety as well, I will also start some directly in the garden

Cukes – I have 10 plants between the regular & lemon shaped all doing well

Beans – I think I might lose a couple plants but they seem to be thriving.

Pole Beans – Haven’t finished preparing the pole but the seeds have sprouted

Green Peppers – Sprouted & not nearly as far along as I would like

Jalapeno peppers – Not sure if these guys will make it, the 6 seedlings I have seem to be failing.

Wild Strawberries – what is left of them in the yard after mowing, we did leave a bunch of plants undisturbed up by the house.

Strawberry plant – only one came back this year from last but I think it has several flowers on it.

If I can keep the critters away I should do fine. (our back yard has recently been visited by a family of bunnies)

The neighbor kids started some peas & Black Eyed Susans at school that I have been put in charge of & we are going to plant some sunflower seeds too.I need to build some trellis for the vine plants, finish my pole bean structure and mulch the flower beds. At least that's what I plan to get done by the weekend!

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