Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Grocery Store Excursion

I was at the grocery store today & realized just how cheap I am!!! My regular laundry soap was a whopping $5.69, I usually pay $4.something... Of course I try to have a coupon, but I didn't today. So I didn't buy it. With the difference in what I would have spent I bought a really off brand for $1.99. I know I will regret it, but the way I do laundry it won't last more than 2 weeks! I had to go the regular grocery store because I am making wontons for our family Christmas Sunday (extended family at least). I have already made the chocolate peanut butter balls, crinkle cookies, & baked crab rangoons. I still have to make the cheesecake dip & beef dip for my Mom. She works Saturday afternoons & doesn't have time to do all she wants to!

I did manage to get a few things done today for Christmas. I drew my Sister so I ordered her an itunes gift card from itunes . iTunes gift certificates

She has had her ipod for a while now & she bought her hubby one for his birthday, so music is a great gift & I get to pretend I was frugal because there was no shipping charge!!!

My kids are done with (I still need to pick up a bubble bath for dd & some candy for stockings). I am very thankful we aren't at ages where someone has to have the wii or ps3. They were easy this year, dd has been done for a while. I picked her main gift up over the summer on sale!!! Woohoo happy dance, of course she is 3 & will probably have as much fun with the box. She can turn anything into a parade & a song.

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