Tuesday, December 26, 2006

2007 goals

2. Setting up the office.

Since I'm not sure I am going to continue my PartyLite business at this time, I am generalizing this one. My files are a wreck, stuff is everywhere. I am not sure where anything is.

I have started, so the skeleton is there. I would love to set up my area for scrap booking, and such. I have 2 totes of pictures & stuff that needs to be put in albums (I started this about 6 years ago, when I had only one baby & he slept a lot!)

So goal 2 is to set up a workable workspace, where we can easily run our business & household from.

3. Exercise & eating healthy:
Well I will continue to walk with my sister. I have added some kind of exercise equipment to my spring tag sale "looking for" list. She has a gazelle & loves it, I would like a treadmill, but a gazelle would be ok. I know I rarely go to a sale without at least 1 piece of exercise stuff. I need to drink more water, less coffee (HA), eating convenience foods is the death of healthy living! So cutting back on convenience foods (prepackaged, drive thru, takeout, etc). I have 2 freezers & a spare fridge. I am going to make my own conveniece foods. I figure one day a week I can do a session & get the freezers full.

4. New clothes that fit. I can get a head start, since I got a few gift cards for Christmas gifts. I may even finish some of the projects I started while I was working, I'll at least have a few skirts that fit right! I am going to spend 1 day a week in the sewing room doing a UFO, some of that will be clothing!

Ok, I'll go over more later, I'm still trying to think up some really good ones!!!

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