Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Figuring out my 2007 Goals

Thinking about 2007 & the goals & resolutions I have. I know it’s early for some, but I like to plan ahead, so I can cherry pick from the list & choose the best ones (ie one’s I’m most likely to stick with.) Obviously I am not going to EVER give up chocolate or really truly eat better…

So far the list is decent:
1. Teach my children respect for money.
How to save, budget, spend wisely, plan for the future, what really is rich, etc….

2. Set up the office for my PartyLite Business. I am really new & nothing is organized yet, so every time I need something I have to dig for it. I need to.
a Set up files
b Have Hostess folders ready to go
c Keep my inventory organized
d Have envelopes & labels at the ready as well as stamps

3. Continue to exercise & do healthy things. Drink lots of water, keep walking, eat as many healthy meals a week as possible.
4. Buy new clothes that fit & make me feel good.
5. Spend at least one hour a day in the creative process (sewing, knitting, crafting)

6. Spend less time on the computer (or at least organize my time better)

7. Get the Princess Potty Trained.

8. Get the Princess to sleep in her own bed.

9. Organize my pantry.

10. Create Emergency Kits for the family.

11. Do something in my businesses every day.

Ok so not bad, it's only Dec 12 & I have 11!!!

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