Saturday, December 1, 2007

November Wrap up

1. Teaching Kids about Money - Kids still missing the whole picture, but it's improving!

2. Saving Money - Well, does finding out how to get what you need for less count? Because my savings account has gone backwards (well only to open another account, it will get funded as soon as the direct deposits start going in).

3. Organizing - I am still the pile queen & it's making me nuts... I know better and yet here I am burried under piles of things I need to take care off. My poor piano bench is hidden, I only know it's there. But we did manage to make some head way in the kitchen & I have to have the place spotless before the holidays. I just refuse to do the toss & stash again.

4. Exersice & Weight - Maintaining, going to start swimming with my sister after the holidays.

5. Creative Time - I was able to spend an hour working on my Grandmas Mixer cover, I probably have another hour to go before it's finished, then I can work on my holiday head bands & my sisters tote bag.

6. Bed Time for Princess - 10 of the last 14 nights she has gone to sleep on her own in her own bed. Now if only she will stay there.

7. Emergency Kits - hmmm, knew there was something I was forgetting.

8. Routines - Our morning routines are set, evening still not all there but improving.

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