Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cookie Dough is Made

I made the dough for my cut-outs & Chocolate Italian Cookies.
We also got the fridge cleaned out & the desk moved, the kitchen is mostly cleared out I only have one corner of piles to clear out then it will be done! Woohoo! I'll be folding laundry & going through a stack of papers while we watch tv tonight.

Things we didn't get done because we completely rearranged the living room AGAIN.

1. Sand the bathroom walls & repeat mud process, then sand again.

4. Laundry, laundry & more laundry. I took 2 days off from the load a day & now I am buried under Mt. Washmore.

5. Clear out kitchen of all non-essentials.

6. Take box to Salvation Army or other place.

7. Wrap more presents

8. Sew our Christmas head bands, cut fabric for more headbands.

9. Get Real Tree, set up inside

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