Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tag I'm it...

1.What did you accomplish this past week?
2.Did anything not go as expected?
3.What was the highlight of your week?
4.Did anything exciting happen that you did not expect?

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From Sandi (link back didn't work, I'll update it if you comment again!)

1. I accomplished a lot this past week! I worked everyday but Sunday; put up 1 Christmas tree; put the train around the tree; cleaned the house every day; stained one spot in the front wood floors (have pics will post later); I created our next CVS shopping list & worked on next weeks; painted most of the front/dinning room; washed the windows; fluffed the curtains; dusted the piano & cleared it off; did 5 27 Fling Boogies; Did 10 loads of laundry (at least); made bread; sent the kids out to play in the snow; got both kids successfully off to school on time & mostly prepared!; stacked wood; watched Christmas shows with the kids; caulked some leaks around the front door & windows; almost finalized Christmas plans; spent an afternoon with my Grandma, Aunt, Cousin, Mom, Sister & DD; Shopped till I dropped!!!; successfully avoided wrapping presents & lots of other things I'm sure I've forgotten!!!

2. Did anything not go as expected - hmmm Hubby lost his job, pay check direct deposit didn't work & had to drive 30 miles to deposit it only to find out we'd have to wait a week for the funds; the bank completely messed it up anyways; kids have decided to push every button on my last nerve (if I have to call Santa one more time...); and there is never enough time in a day!

3. The highlight of my week - Getting to visit with family, Grandma is going to AZ for a while & won't be here for Christmas.

4. Well, I didn't expect to be painting the front room, or having to replace all the electrical in the front room, and I didn't expect to un-wallpaper the bathroom, but they are all done & projects are coming along nicely!!! Woohoo to unemployment!!!

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