Monday, December 17, 2007

Seven Things

Seven Things
Stop the Ride! tagged anyone who was interested so here it goes! It is a fun and simple meme. Just tell your readers seven random things about you.

1. I have crooked pinkies! So do both of my children, really the only way to tell that the Prince is mine (other than being there for the birth ~wink~)

2. I LOVE power tools & home improvement projects. I spent a half an hour today sanding the bathroom walls & then doing the second coat of mud. The best part, I didn't make any mess because I used the shop vac attachment that sands & sucks the dust, WOOHOO. I love technology! At least handy technology, still don't have an mp3 player!

3. I have just gotten back into using coupons & rebates. For a while I was convinced that it was more time than it was worth, boy was I wrong!

4. I started blogging as a way to catalog my info so next time I lost a hard drive I wouldn't be without!

5. I have lived in 13 different apartments or houses (one 3 separate times) in my life (of course I'm not counting the 4 months I was in foster care, who knows where I was then I was place at 4 months old)

6. I dislike wallpaper, with a passion. I have only 1 room left on the first floor with paper & it's ok, so it'll stay until we remove the dropped ceiling.

7. I wanted to be an Environmental Engineer when I grew up. I even have 3 1/2 years worth of college credit to start (yes start, I'd have had another 2 years at least to go). But I decided that the debt I was already in wasn't worth the career!

I am supposed to tag seven of you, if you want to play feel free! Let me know I will link to it!

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