Friday, December 14, 2007

Birthday gathering number ???

So how are you supposed to handle birthdays that are close together & close to a major holiday??? I guess I am just too used to always celebrating my birthday with Christmas (Christmas Eve baby here, ha!). These images are from the cake & friend gatherings with our next door neighbors kids.
I am thinking about doing something more substantial after the chaos of the Holidays has passed, like in February when we are itching for a change. McDonald's, bowling, just a wild & crazy party at the house... we shall see! I used to have pool parties in July (Christmas in July, why not birthday!).
The problem with multiple gatherings is that they go through this "I want" phase. Like why did the presents stop??? And then we get hit with the extremeness of Christmas. At least I seem to have curtailed the massiveness of Easter (one year it was as BAD as their Birthday gifts, eek).

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