Monday, November 26, 2007

Not tops on our wish lists

I keep hearing that digital cameras are the it gift this year. I know we bought one for the Princess & the Prince will get mine when I upgrade, most likely during holiday sales. I use my camera for everything, blogging, family photos, movie clips. I'd love my pictures to be crisper. my lowly old Kodak CX7430 with its sad 3 MP. I can get 2x the mega pixels for less than we spent on my old camera. Don't you just love technology! I'm glad I have someone to pass my old one to, not sure what will happen the next time we upgrade... Not very green is it!

I try to carry my camera with me where ever I go, then I can snap a pic here & there. I still never seem to have it when I most want it. Like the Thanksgiving play my son did at school this year, did I remember the camera, of course not. I had to snap some pathetic shots using my Razor. Trust me, not the best quality, especially from a distance.

Now if I wanted a part time job as a professional photographer I'd be looking at the Nikon D3. With 12.1 mega pixels I bet it's better than the photographers who did the Princess's preschool photos equipment. I could have printed better quality on my $90 HP, on glossy photo paper, but I digress! So how many preschoolers would I have to pose to cover the cost.... hmmmm. Let's see $40 each figuring supplies cost $2 each, maybe, so $38 into $5000 is approximately 132.

That's a lot of screaming crying 3 year olds.

Maybe I'll stick with my $79-$99 7 MP choice!

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winslow1204 said...

Isn't it amazing how important our cameras become to us!!?? I love mine!