Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Stephen King Movie

The Mist by Stephen King

I have to say I am not a HUGE Stephen King Fan, but I really enjoyed "The Bachman Books" he wrote under the pen name Richard Bachman. My favorite was "The Long Walk" I read that one a bunch. This was the book that "The Running Man" came from. It has been a long time since I've read it, I'm not even sure of it's location. Most likely still on my Mom's book shelf! Or maybe my sisters house, she is a big fan. I think she may have all his books, at least a good many!

"The Bachman Books" was apparently taken out of print in the US because of similarities in "The Rage" to the Columbine tragedy. I'm not sure how I feel about the implied censorship. I don't remember reading "The Rage", but obviously it didn't move me to violence. Are they going to take Tom Clancy books off the shelves because he wrote about a 9/11 scenario years before it actually happened?

I have probably seen most of the movies created from the books. "Pet Cemetery" was my favorite. I don't really go for the suspense/horror genre, but it is always fun to watch a King movie, just to see what part he'll play! It was crazy to watch him play a minister!!

The new movie "The Mist" is coming to theaters November 21st. The basic synopsis is a strange mist covers a town that was just hit by a natural disaster. In true King fashion the trailers lead you to the plot being more about the "human nature monster" & what is worse the monsters outside or the ones within.

Visit The Mist to view the trailers for yourselves!

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