Friday, November 16, 2007

29 Ways to a Stress-Free Holiday, HA!

Browsing a 12/17/02 Woman's Day magazine I ran across this article by Catherine Stier! Thought I'd share a bit with ya!!

Relax and enjoy the festivities for a change
1. Make a change - basically take the one thing about the holidays that makes you nuts & do it differently.

2. Be satisfied with "good enough" - this I will never achieve! I am far to OCD to accept good enough, unless I have gone over the top to do everything in my power to make it great!

3. Throw away the shopping list - Not sure how that would work for me! Your supposed to replace gifts with time, I already don't have enough of that!!!

4. Bring out books to add seasonal touches - Sure, I'll have a basket of kids holiday books out after Thanksgiving is over!

5. Use what's on hand - the article suggests gift wrapping photo frames that are already on your walls. I have done it before, but clean up was a pain!!!

6. Go monochrome - I switched all our stuff to red a while back, I'll probably stick with it, since I really don't have the funds to run out & change everything, but I am itching for a change!

7. Know when to say NO - When??? What is this no thing???

8. Keep gatherings small - HA! Unless you consider small 25 people or more running around your house forget it! This large family can't do a small anything!

9. Take advantage of time savers - I get it caterer!!! Oh if only! I did cheat a couple years ago & order some holiday cookies, but I had an infant & 0 time, now I have no excuse!

10. Stick with the tried & true - Can't do this either, I view my entire family as Guinea Pigs & must try at least 2 new recipes a year on them!!!

11. Don't hesitate to ask for help - HELP!!!!!

12. Go with a game plan - Ok so if we start outside CVS we can be in & out in an hour hopefully then we can move on to Toys R US, if we don't spend all our $ there, then we can go to Target....

13. Bring only the essentials - leave the 40 pound purse at home, you'll only lose your stuff in it by the end of the day anyways.

14. Seek the out of the way cashier - This only works at the mall! Or if you can check out at the jewelry counter!

15. Leave assembly to the experts - I don't usually have this issue, but I do like to take stuff out of the original boxes, there is nothing worse than spending Christmas morning untwisting twist ties!

16. - Bring along a positive attitude - Smiles are contagious!

17. Request free gift wrapping - I always forget to ask for boxes!

18. Seek out charity gift wrapping services - I think our mall has this set up, but I rarely shop at the mall & I'm certainly not hauling in my stuff from out of the mall...

19. Stock up - I do this after Christmas is over, buy at 75 - 80% off! They are kids & don't care what the wrap looks like!

20. Reward yourself while wrapping - I like to do this with my sis so just hanging out is reward enough! A couple cocktails are nice too!!

21. Hold on to daily rituals - routines!!!

22. Schedule a break - This is usually driving around to see the lights

23. Make one more commitment - if you are into that kind of thing, church choir, charity, something to enhance you spiritually.

24. Pack smart - if you travel at least. Make stuff you'll want when you arrive easy to get too (PJs, toiletries, etc)

25. Stay safe on the road - Emergency kits, AAA, check the car over before leaving...

26. End Airport hassles - get there early, think we all know that by now!

27. Choose travel proof gifts - Gift Cards! Or mail gifts ahead, probably better off with USPS than the airlines... Maybe!

28. Remember to have fun - This is a tough one, because my mind is constantly in a state of "what's next" at least until that day. Then I relax & enjoy!

29. Record what worked - Holiday control journal (Fly Lady)

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